Rikk York in Menonedge Rikk York gets slammed to the mat and edged November 17, 2015 Oral Sex, Drool

Wearing a tight singlet, Rikk York runs via some wrestling drills at the fitness center when Jessie Colter comes with for training. Agreeing to spar, Rikk is taken by Jessie down to the mat seconds his giant penis is bulging out of the singlet. Jessie’s leg lock is still too strong, although Rikk tries to battle off Jessie. Jessie takes advantage of the situation to tie up Rikk directly and then respect his throbbing penis. Rather Rikk squirms on to get his rocks off get sucked off while his cock is brought to the border with a sheath. Jessie tickles his pits and toes and moves him to a suspension as Rikk is going to blow. Rikk hangs by his wrists while Jessie sucks on his prick and pulls on his sensitive nipples. Together with Rikk’s buttocks on display, Jessie admires his hole and fucks it with a vibrator, making Rikk drool & moan through his gag. Jessie jerks a load that is hot out of Rikk and transactions the vibrator to get a prostate massager. Grateful to blow, Rikk takes a handful of his cum. To get a victory lap along his partner, Jessie torment’s Rikk cock and leaves him hanging out to the janitor.


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