Rain DeGrey in Infernalrestraints Barrel of Fun August 26, 2016 Cut Clothing, Foot Torture

Rain DeGrey is almost always a wonderful time. She's cheerful, she'so loud, she'so revived, and she lets us do pretty much whatever fucked up thing we can imagine to do with her magnificent body. And we have a lot planned for now. We will take time for each side of Rain, her top and her bottom, and the very best manner we could think to do that is to stick her within the barrel with all those portion of her we want to perform with exposed.We begin her out upside down using her ass and pussy pointing around for us to watch and play with. Her versatility is remarkable since she has to be folded completely in half for her thighs and head to be encased in the tight dark metallic cylinder at precisely the identical moment. We take advantage of the first position to let Rain have any fun. O.T. takes the hitachi, the most effective handheld vibrator we’ve got, and starts rubbing her own clit. The combination of the distress of her place and the utter joy of this hitachi overtake Rain. Her moans can be heard echoing from this barrel is her entire body shakes against it. Then we turn Rain back vertical so that her head is poking out of the hole at the top. This is where things start to become bad for Rain. Most girls can hardly take care of the feeling of a whip on their ass or their back, but Rain is tougher than many girls. Rain is going to be carrying lashes directly to your face. That type of pain is just excruciating, and you really can tell. Once she's finished with this she's earned a treat to get a ll her hard work. And what greater cure to give a fantastic animal than the usual helping of dog food?


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