Pretty Ayla Ansel enters the property and tip toes through the alleyway bending over to peak through the windows. Her curvy ass peeks out from the tiny mini skirt she´s wearing. She jimmies the lock and tries to enter the house when a big hand covers her face with a wet cloth. Ayla struggles but the fumes overtake her and she drops to the ground. The tall girl awakens bound to a chair. She calls out for help but no one answers her. Ayla wiggles and attempts to loosen the roes but they don´t budge. I enter the room laughing at her cries for help. I tell the pretty thing that I know she is the girl next door and that I´ve watcher her scoping out my house and skinny dipping in my pool when she thinks I´m not here. I grope her bound body and reach my hand up her skirt mauling her pussy. I taunt the dumb bimbo and then shove a pair on my worn panties in her mouth. I wrap her face with thick electrical tape as the poor thing moans and begins to cry. I tell Ayla that I´m going to tell her momma that she´s agreed to babysit my grandchildren and that sweet Ayla won´t be home until after midnight. Ayla´s eyes widen in fear when she realizes she will be all alone with me and my perverted fantasies …


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