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My business has been searching for a warehouse place for your new government contract we all hope to obtain. I arrive at the place and start by asking queries about the custodian. He is leasing as is, however, I want to wait for my spouse before I register. The guy offers me a ridiculously large price for the construction and I try to seduce him lowering the speed. I sit on his lap and propose sex for a decrease in the expense. I believe he’s available to my proposal, but rather he jacks up me from the wall and starts tying my elbows together tightly. I beg and request and warn him that my spouse is here shortly, but he dismisses me and XXXX me down to the filthy floor. He catches rope and proceeds to tie my legs together with massive quantities of rope binding them together by my crossed ankles into my upper thighs. I tell him that my entire body builder partner Alexis Rain carries a weapon and she’s won´t wait to utilize it. The massive brute Jim Hunter just keeps linking me along with the rope is tight. I provide him a blow job, but he moans and lifts me up onto a seat shoving a big ballgag in my own mouth. Shortly I am brutally bound on the wooden seat. He wraps my mind with several layers of duct tape. My partner arrives and I attempt to warn her about the creature hiding behind the doorway who disturbs me, but he quickly grabs her in a choke hold and squeezes a moist rag on her mouth. The powerful women struggles to fight off him, however, the fumes overtake her and she&extreme;s outside cold on the floor. He strips off her lace blouse and then wraps her wrists and thighs with plenty of rope and she is thoroughly gagged. He slides her bound body till a hook from the ceiling. Her feet are totally off the ground and she hangs as a side of beef spinning as she fights in the barbarous painful suspension. He has me hogtied and that he blindfolds me onto the dirty floor. I roll around but my limbs have been entirely numb and I will &severe;t find a thing. We all shout and scream even though our gags, however, no one can hear us. We are left tape gagged and hopeless – one hung and one hogtied.

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