Pretty blonde slut Whitney Morgan sits on the sofa playing with herself while on the phone with her boyfriend. She rubs her pussy and explains that she was short on money and her aunt begged her to watch little Johnny tonight. He is sweet enough but there seems to be something odd about him but she is getting paid a lot of money for one nights work how much trouble can little Johnny get into anyway? She texts her man some naughty pictures when she spots Johnny watching her and filming her on his cell. Whitney tells the little monster to delete it but he refuses unless she plays a game with him. Reluctantly she agrees and he tosses a pile of rope on her laps. She tells him it will be there little secret and she gives him her arms to tie. She can feel the tight ropes cutting into her wrists, elbows and shoulders and realizes that he has really tied her up in ridiculously tight bondage. Her curvy legs are also tightly bound with ropes around her ankles and knees. She struggles off the sofa onto her knees with her ass up in the air demanding that he untie her immediately. Suddenly she hears a vibrating sound and realize the little pervert has her aunt´s vibrator in his hand. He shoves it up under her skirt pressing it up against her pussy. Whitney is mortified but her body betrays her as the vibrator begins to turn her on. He waves a pair of his mom´s panties in Whitney´s face and soon she is panty gagged and silenced to grunts and moans. As she struggles she falls to the floor and rolls around on the carpet helpless. I get home and find Whitney bound, gagged and wiggling around with the vibrator on her pussy. I remove her gag and demand an explanation and of course I chastise her for teaching him these things. I vibe her pussy and smack her ass then gag her a second time forcing the panties back into her big mouth and sealing them in tightly leaving her in distress while I get some ice cream for my sweet son. Helpless Whitney looks up in hope that I will free her from the cruelly tight rope as she struggles helplessly on the floor.


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