London River in Realtimebondage Weekend @ London’s Part 3 March 25, 2017 Tip Toes, Hitachi

It's installment three of our unique occurring in London River's cottage. She's been through a lot, but anything is much easier to deal with at the comfort of your own home, which is great because London will require a little homey comfort.London's place is fine, but maybe it's time to receive her into a little closer quarters to spend the night. She is, bound by her friends, our handlers up in belts, her legs wrapped together and her arms pulled tight into the sides of her torso. Then her lie down a tight and comfortable bed, in a foam coffin that they made special to fit in to. They have cut two holes in its top. The very first by her nose the second above her pussy and so that she can breathe. They still stick a vibrator during the second hole and set it on a timer so that in random points in the nighttime it will vibrate her to get a minute at a time, but she's not allowed to orgasm till morning.When she wakes up London takes care of a couple things: brushes her teeth, puts on some makeup, dresses herself up in stockings and garters. Her friends tie off her breasts and sit her down on a column and shoot her. It feels as though the ray is trying to divide her anus in half, driving up into her own bones. It's time London obtained a brand new label, therefore O.T. manages the, stapling names for her throughout her body. It's hard to pick a favorite the stinging through all.

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