Iona Grace in Infernalrestraints Halved August 05, 2016 Tape Gag, Punching

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Iona Grace is trapped into some heavy metal bondage and she can t get out. O.T. has her in a metallic collar attached into two pillars, one in front of and one behind her. As though that isn ' t enough, he locks her by handcuffing her wrists into her ankles and the pillar to the pillar. Afterward, when her whining gets overly annoying, he pulls a plastic bag over her head and switches her bit gag into a tape and fabric gag so she can't breathe. This place is fun as it provides the impression the Iona is split down the middle of her physique. From now O.T. is performed with herbody will appear to be a Rorschach painting, with lumps instead of ink. The marks on Iona's ass from the caning she is getting are mirrored onto the left and right side of the body. A real job of art.When O.T. is completed playing arts and crafts that he moves so she’s bent backward, then held in place today by a crotch string and shackles on her wrists. Then he goes to work with the cane on her thighs, leaving red marks all over Iona'body. She's been through a lot and O.T. decides that she has got some fun for herself. He places the highly effective celebrator right and places a metallic hook inside of her and she’s yelling in no time for him. As she begins squirting all over the area her body bucks and shakes. O.T. might have cut in half but her whole body is completely exhausted and used up.

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