Cici Rhodes in Realtimebondage Trial by Fire Part 3 August 17, 2013 Nipple Shock, Lesbian

This will be a exhibition of Cici Rhodes' tears and fears. First comes the crying. Together with her feet in the stocks, a vibrator working over her dressed out clit, clamps pumping power through her nipples and a cane cutting round her toes it’s total sensory overload and she’s broken in seconds.Next comes the fright factor. Cici has had a few terrible experiences with passion before. In actuality, the one additional time we applied it against her triggered a panic. Now she’s prepared to give it a second chance and overcome that terror. Or she thinks she’s. Whenever the balls of flame start to emerge she’s gripped with panic. Since the flashes of blaze begin to lick her skin she recoils against the bars of her cage, trying futilely to put as much space as she can between herself and the burn off. Compared to that she thinks an easy canning machine won’t be any problem. Everything she doesn't know is the suction operates on more than just nipples. It's not really terrible when it's only on her tits but if it starts to pull on her pussy she sees a problem.

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