Bonnie Day in Infernalrestraints Blackmail December 30, 2016 Ass Caning, Bruises

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Bonnie Day is all about O.T., she has been attempting to hook up with him for a long moment. Now she has started to have a little aggressive, when he rejects her this moment, she threatens to tell London River, his woman, that she's slept with him. Wait with London, he ' s sitting for her when he receives the text together with the danger, and the both of them know what to do about her. When she arrives at O.T.'s place to meet him, she is instead met with London's fist plus a quick nap.When she wakes up she’s all wrapped up in straps in a burlap sack with her mouth bound at a cassette and cloth gag. Today it is time for both O.T. and London to get their fun and exact their revenge to the presumptuous girl. O.T. pieces off Bonnie's underwear with a knife like London humiliates her from drawing a face onto the sack where her face should be. The two of them take turns hitting on the sacked up girl.O.T. Then beats over and over her body again and then carries out some of his instruments. He’s her wrapped up just like a mummy in gauze that is black, then pieces a pit for him to have the ability to access her buttocks. He uses his cane to defeat till it is bright red. Then it's the whip cracking down and all up her body lashing against her skin. And then the flogger, slamming against her until she yells.

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