Anetta Keys in Hotlegsandfeet Hi Boy’s it’s me Aneta Keys January 01, 2006 Lesbian

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, I know it’s been some time. It was one of the holidays that I wish I had never had, although I took some time to traveling before the weather got to bad. I broke up on me. I caught him fucking one of the maids not two different maids at two unique hotels. We’d been together forever and for quite a very long time, I have not wished to be with anyone for some time. But my pussy has been yelling out, needing to be touched by someone besides myself. I called one of my old girlfriends Suzanne her and her boyfriend had broken up too, she told me that because then she’s just been with girls and then we decided to get together for some fun. Susanne and I were both on the bed up on our knees she picked the white chocolate pump up plus we removed the wrapping, we began licking at it around, the chocolate was soft and very sweet it felt good about my tongue and tasted. Suzanne got to doggy and the chocolate pump was taken by me and began rubbing it al on her sexy round ass, Suzanne raised her foot from behind and started rubbing at it up and down on my puss. I took a bite of Chocolate and gave Suzanne a flavor I glanced the creamy filling and slowly licked up this. I distribute the filling up the back of her leg licking from her elbows working up my way. I caught Suzanne’s foot and creamed her hot toes I sucked them then I distribute chocolate and licked and squeezed her foot. Suzanne got up on her knees and I took off her bra and began rubbing and playing with her tits from behind I reached down and picked up the shoe and then we started licking and sucking around. I rubbing on the shoe on her tits, immediately becoming a rise from her nipples then I put back on my side and Suzanne caught my toes and started licking and sucking on my toes, I had the oil pump and was licking it all over then I laid on my back and spread my legs wide open, Suzanne started licking it all over and grabbed my other foot she started fingering and sucking on my feet. Suzanne reached over and took a chocolate truffle from in the shoe and then put it directly between my feet, then she teasingly licked and hammering in both equally as I raised my other leg and began rubbing my foot on her tits, teasing her nipples with my feet. Suzie began sucking on them both as I continued licking all over the chocolate pump and took my other foot. Suzanne came on to me and we began kissing, and I pulled down my bra strap and then she took my bra off. As the pump conducted down my body she licked at my elbows then I began rubbing and playing with my tits. The heels snapped off, she was being a bit rough but we just kept on moving, I toyed with it and shot the broken heel as Suzanne began licking on her way. I got up and right into Doggy and Suzanne caught only. I pulled down my panties then she began licking my butt all over, I sat down to take off my panties and Suzanne made up on my knees And then I laid down in my side. Suzanne grabbed a piece of chocolate and spread it then she began licking and sucking my foot and feet as she made nasty sounds. It’s been so long since I has been touched by anyone and she had been doing every thing. I lifted it up then I began licking at my feet and caught my foot, Suzanne still do her nasty finest sucking and licking on my other people. I rolled onto my back and raised my legs high and Suzanne continued licking and sucking on my toes, she started her mouth wide sticking on of my foot indoors licking at the bottoms like a little girl that was excellent. I sat up and pulled on Suzanne’s panties down then I put back down and she landed at the top, she leaned forward and began licking my pussy, my snatch was over due for a licking from a tongue. She licked at my excited and horny twat all over because I licked and sucked on her feet. Suzanne came down facing me sucking on my huge clit and picking up right where she left off licking at at at my grab from the bottom upward. Suzanne laid down and I caught her foot, holding it up and began massaging against her leg up and down, licking and sucking her feet then spreading chocolate all over them and licking and sucking them some more. I spread her legs wide and began licking all around her hole up and down and up her tight slot. I took a bite of chocolate then smeared it on her puss then I moved back to licking her all over. I removed my tongue out of her chocolate flavored snatch and laid back down, Suzanne grabbed my foot and started slobbering up my feet and licking I then lifted up her foot into my mouth and began doing the exact same. I took my foot and then rubbed it onto her pussy, teasing her clit with my toes and she did the rubbing her foot up and down my hot wet pussy. Suzanne dumped the truffles out then and then caught the pump she tried to stuff my feet indoors. Needless to say the shoe did not survive, we licked among those broken bits and we started to kiss. I lifted my foot and we licked and sucked my toes then we laid on our backs and then rubbed our cunts and licked and sucked on our feet.

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